Video: 82-Year-Old Performs “Bodies” with Drowning Pool

  • Phil Boozeman

In the very likely event that you don’t watch America’s Got Talent then you can be forgiven for not having seen the video of 82-year-old Jon Hetlinger absolutely CRUSHING a rendition of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” The video managed to make it all the way up to Drowning Pool themselves and the band invited Hetlinger to perform the song onstage with them at Chicago Open Air last Friday.

The performance here is truly memorable. Hetlinger gets off to a bit of a rocky start — I highly doubt they had a whole lot of time to practice — but once he gets in rhythm he starts slaying the song just like he did on America’s Got Talent. Hetlinger’s serious pipes were enough to impress guitarist CJ Pierce: “You know, we’ve had a revolving door, but Jason Moreno is our man right now. But if he doesn’t work out, we always know we’ve got John on the backburner.”

More importantly than getting Pierce’s approval, it sounds like Hetlinger had fun: “I didn’t know two-and-a-half-thousand in the audience would react the same way that 30 drunks in the bar do, but they did! Everybody seems to think it’s great that an old man is screaming ‘let the bodies hit the floor!’”

[via Metal Insider]

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