82-Year-Old Man Who Loves “Bodies” to Perform with Drowning Pool


You may recall last month’s story about John Hetlinger, an eighty-two-year-old man who recently performed Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” for America’s Got Talent. As soon as the world saw Mr. Hetlinger’s performance, basically everyone had the same reaction: Drowning Pool should perform with this elderly fella.

Welp, surprise surprise!, Drowning Pool had the same idea. From TMZ:

“Hetlinger — who went crazy viral for rocking out to Drowning Pool‘s ‘Bodies’ on ‘America’s Got Talent’ — will join the band onstage Friday in front of thousands at Chicago Open Air music festival.

“Like a true rock star — priority #1 is partying. The band says it’s treating John to all the alcohol he wants.

“Hetlinger will join Drowning Pool at their signing booth after their set — here’s hoping he gets to autograph someone’s boobs.”

They also supplied this video of Hetlinger confirming the announcement:

Pretty amazing. I think it’s fair to say Hetlinger is an inspiration to us all… if for no other reason than because he finally gave people a reason to sit through a Drowning Pool concert.

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