Watch: Misha Mansoor Explains Music Store Etiquette

  • Phil Boozeman

We’ve all been to Guitar Center and we know that every time we go, there’s that one douche who can’t seem to grasp any semblance of how to act in public around other people or other people’s stuff. Whether it’s playing “Freebird” with the elegance of a botched abortion or rubbing their grubby, greasy fingers all over the pretty, new Les Pauls, this person is just awful to deal with for not only the people who work there, but also the other customers in the store.

Fortunately, however, Periphery’s Misha Mansoor and Gear Gods churned out a video on music store etiquette that teaches you how NOT to be that douchebag. It’s both informative AND funny, mostly due to the alternatingly disappointed and happy looks on Mansoor’s face. So if you are that guy — I’m not going to point fingers because you all know who you are — make sure you watch this video, absorb its message and please stop being a damn twat while the rest of us are trying to make an informed decision on which expensive instrument we want to buy.

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