Metal Hammer Anoints Slipknot’s Iowa ‘Greatest Album of the 21st Century’


Metal Hammer, utilizing what Team Rock says was a “panel of critics, bands, and readers,” has compiled a list of ‘The 100 Greatest Albums Of The 21st Century.’ And because we love to argue about silly, meaningless lists… well, we’re gonna do just that!

First of all, Slipknot’s Iowa was named #1. I love Iowa but uh yeah no. Not the best metal album of the century. Sorry.

As for the rest of the list… it hasn’t been released yet, but this here .gif will show you a bunch of albums that made the cut:

So… it looks like the list basically got all the usual suspects who lean slightly mainstream. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Prowler in the Yard just isn’t part of that .gif for some reason.

Feel free to debate the list’s merits, or lack thereof, in the comments section below. You should also feel free to revisit our own ’21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century… So Far’ list, which we compiled with a bunch of metal industry peeps back in 2009. Slipknot made it onto that list, too… but much lower down, and for a different album. Enjoy.

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