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Man, Marilyn Manson Doesn’t Look So Good (Worse Than Usual, Anyway)


Marilyn Manson has been of questionable character late. The dude’s made an odd-looking movie, he’s wearing Justin Bieber shirts… it’s all a little odd. But hey, that’s Manson, right? He does not like the drugs, but the drugs like him, and so on.

But two recent videos we saw on Rock Feed, posted by our own Brian Storm, make it seem like Manson is maybe worse for wear.

This first video is from Manson’s show in Hershey, PA, on July 10th, during his performance of “The Beautiful People.” As you’ll see, Manson lurches around the sound booth hunched over, looking like he’s about to throw up. You can barely heard the words to the song. Then, at the end, he falls down — whether by tripping or collapsing, I don’t know:

Rough, right?

A few days later, Manson accepted the Icon Award at the Alternative Press Music Awards. During his acceptance speech, Manson sounds tired and slow, and sways in place a ton. He has consistent trouble with the mic stand, and doesn’t always seem totally aware of his surroundings. Take a look:

On top of all of this, Manson cancelled his appearance in Quebec last night as part of his current tour with Slipknot and Of Mice & Men:

To be fair, neither of these videos are full horror show; at no point does Manson vomit or spin off into racist commentary or anything like that. But they don’t make it look like the dude is having fun, and the Quebec cancellation on further suggests that Manson isn’t doing well. Is he exhausted and dehydrated in these videos? Wasted? What’s going on here?

If he’s in trouble, we wish him the best and hope he gets better. The dude’s a legend–he doesn’t need to go out a mess. Who knows? A healthy and sober Manson might even be a scarier one.

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