Rumor Has It Dave Lombardo’s Drumming for the Misfits Reunion Shows



In May, I was pleased to announce that the classic Misfits line-up were re-uniting, Danzig and all, for the two Riot Fests in Denver and Chicago. Now, the ante has been upped, as rumor has it that the band will tap Dave Lombardo (what, no Dr. C.H.U.D.?) to drum for them for these shows.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Danzig refused to say who the band would be using for their drummer, only that it was someone they were friends with and that it would be “pretty crazy.” Guitarist Jerry Only, meanwhile, said that the guy they’d chosen was a “family guy” who’d had to sacrifice gigs to stay home with his family in the past.

And Lombardo fits that description–it would be pretty crazy if Dave played with the reunited Misfits, he has taken time away from bands in the past to be with his band (any Slayer fan of a certain enthusiasm has read interviews where Kerry King has said things along the lines of, “FAMILY DON’T PAY THE BILLS, SON”). And given that Lombardo has been playing with Suicidal Tendencies of late, it wouldn’t be surprising that he’d continue to give his punk roots some exercise.

We’ll let you know if these rumors turn out to be true. In the meantime, Riot Fest Denver will go down September 2nd – 4th, and Riot Fest Chicago is September 16th – 18th. Get tickets here.

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