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GWAR’s New Vodka Has A Deceptively Classy Name



It seems that after Dave Brockie’s untimely death, GWAR have only gotten stronger. The band is headlining killer tours, entertaining the face-painted masses, and now, following in the footsteps of Ghost, Motörhead, and Iron Maiden, the band will release their own liquor.

That’s right, making its debut at this year’s GWAR-B-Q is GWAR’s new vodka, Arctic Snow. At 80 proof, this potato vodka will–

Wait, ARCTIC SNOW? I get that GWAR are space aliens from the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, but come on, this is the grosses band of all time and they’re giving their vodka a name that suggests Alpine crispness and cool refreshment? If I’m swilling a GWAR vodka, I want it to be named something like ‘Bohab Pus’ or ‘Brontosaur Spit’ or ‘Beefcake The Mighty’s Old-Fashioned Cyst Juice.’ This was a missed opportunity here, guys.

Anyway, at least GWAR made vodka, the ultimate alcoholic’s beverage. Arctic Snow will be available on August 20th at this year’s GWAR-B-Q. If you buy a bottle, make sure to suggest a more hideous name to the poor shmuck selling it.

[via Metal Underground]

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