Tour Announcement: Pyrrhon, Plebleian Grandstand Team To Ream


What band doesn’t suck? Plebeian Grandstand, straight out of France with their excellently messy and discordant take on Euro black metal. Back in March, we were stoked to premiere their new album False Highs, True Lows (below). Know who else rips? Pyrrhon. Similar, but more ‘Merican, more Brooklyn, more death. Experimental, but twisted and messy in the best way. True horror music for the disturbed minds. Each band is extreme as fuck.

So we were thrilled Thursday to learn that our skeletons are to be dissolved by a Plebeian/Pyrrhon tour. Via both bands’ broader approach to extreme metal, you’ll discover some sort of strange cohesion in discordance. Expect this effect to be amplified live. Plus the raw power inherent when you dig this deep into how much noise can physically be created. This metal needs to enter your body through forced insertion instead of just in your skull from headphones! Dates here.

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