“Up High”: Myrkur Brings Bathory to the Mausoleum

  • Anso DF

A happy person loves resistance, insults, and naysayers. It’s fuel. Doubt begs clarification. Now, an unhappy person who dishes out discouragement and intrusion kinda operates on the premise that it will fatigue a successful individual. But that belief marks the disher as unhappy and vulnerable. For when their type of dude encounters negativity, it results in hurt. So they conclude that the same will hurt anyone and so it becomes a weapon in their arsenal. But it’s a loud report with no discharge. A person who is certain and confident will face ignorant bullshit with a laugh, a nod, and a desire to do their job harder. That shit drives them. It drives wimps crazy.

Take Myrkur, a black metal artist who knows a lot about resistance. From day one, self-styled guardians of metal have weighed in on any mention of Myrkur’s Amalie Bruun, like they get a vote on her occupation, like they’re flushing out a mole for a society of subverters of metal’s power, like they wouldn’t exalt her pathetically if she were a rogue or hate-spewer but rage rapishly against invisible irreverence for nonexistent rules, like they have any way of knowing her intentions. Well, Myrkur is st to release a historic live album with a classic cover from black metal’s sacred canon. Keep trying to stop her if it makes ya feel better. The rest of us will be laughing.

Myrkur’s Live At The Mausoleum EP is out August 19 via Relapse. Pre-order here and here.

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