Norwegian Crust/Metal Band Nag Debut Some “Ancient Wisdom” With Their Punk-Influenced Grit


Nag isn’t just a word for someone who is a pain in the ass. This band isn’t your mother trying to get you to finally clean your room… no, no… these guys went deep and took their name from the Norse word for “repressed anger and hatred,” and their name definitely goes hand-in-hand with their classically-inspired hardcore/punk/metal sound.

The new track “Ancient Wisdom” comes off Nag’s self-titled debut album, due out September 2nd (pre-order). The video is dark and gritty, with camera angles, static shots, and general direction that hark back to the vibe of black-comedy horror flicks like Man Bites Dog or even Eraserhead. Coupled with the bite of overdriven guitar riffs, gritty low-end bass, and blazing drum licks, the song offers up an overall sense of punk-fueled nostalgia that is more than capable of finding a firm foothold in today’s aggressive music scene.

Check out the track below, and if its not enough for your greedy sensibilities you can turn to Nag’s Bandcamp for some additional tunes that are available for streaming now.

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