Sh*t That Comes Out Today: September 2, 2016

  • Anso DF

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up!


Helms AleeHelms Alee
Stillicide (Sargent House)
On a playlist with: Baroness, Mutoid Man, Demon Lung
Listen Stillicide full stream (here)

You might struggle to connect with naturalistic, angular, gritty, monotone American heavy music. Think early Mastodon and their many kin. Sure, the best bands in any idiom of music are awesome, but their place in your personal library might be small. Way too soon, they can begin to sound like one side of an ugly phone argument, a bearded, whiskey-drunk 20-something’s version of the screamo shitfit. (Heck, it replaced screamo in the marketplace, so.) Maybe that’s why it sounds so radically different when channeled through a different vibe and voice, like late Mastodon, Mutoid Man, or Helms Alee. Some vibes just don’t strike you the right way; some albums make you reconsider the reasons for that.


Rotor Musta KasiRotör
Musta Käsi (Label Name)
On a playlist with: Di’Anno Iron Maiden, Mantic Ritual, Enforcer
Listen Musta Käsi full stream (here)

Even if you’ve been into metal a short time, you’ve probably read at least one War And Peace‘s worth of album press releases and reviews. In all that copy, have even veteran metal folks among us encountered the term “arrogant leads”? It’s accurate for Rotör, and in that spirit, let’s call Musta Käsi‘s vocals “scruffy” and its tempos “strutting.” We’re limited to conjecture about the vibe of the album’s Finnish language lyrics, but I bet “sassy” is a good fit.


Astrasymmetry (Black Lion)
On a playlist with: Secret Chiefs 3, Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” Comet Control
Listen “Abyss” (here) “Dead Planet” (here) “Moon” (here)

The trippy landscape of Monkey3’s new album made me reach for the name of another band, one who was similarly devoted to the Occident, to departures and wandering, and to untethered arrangements. But the similarity is so faint that it took forever for it to come to me: Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3. That is, another band with the number 3. Huh. But again, those two bands are distant cousins; Monkey3’s siblings are young Monster Magnet and forty-something Mastodon.


II (Broken Limbs)
On a playlist with: Aevangelist, Caina, Pyramids
Listen II full stream (here)

Do you recall the last time you scanned a metal album’s credits and encountered instruments that you’ve never heard of? What’s a Crumar Multiman-S? Is “Jen SX1000” the name of a fuck doll? Both are found in the credits of an experimental black metal gem by Crowhurst, along with the name of the band’s founder Jay Gambit. And if you were told that two bands each lend a contributor to II, you could totally guess Caina and Aevangelist after hearing just its first few minutes. That’s awesome.


Ouroboric Stagnation (Comatose)
On a playlist with: Six Feet Under, middle Carcass, Pathology
Listen “Ouroboric Stagnation” and “Sprited Bloody Emesis” (here)

It’s weird that two years have passed since the release of an album by Pathology. That’s a Tool-length interval for such a prolific band, one whose albums doesn’t exactly vault towering hurdles to creation: Each costs a few thousand bucks, spans 30 minutes, and comprises the same imploding chugs, squeals, vertiginous guitar solos, and clanging snares. At least it means that our attention is available for Neurogenic and their awesome half-hour of airless, inhuman slamming death metal. Sonic pepper spray.


My Bones Hold A Stillness EP (Sentient Ruin)
On a playlist with: Swallow The Sun, Neige Et Noirceur, Ruins Of Beverast
Listen 66% of My Bones Hold A Stillness (here)

Is there such thing as the term “Bay Area Black Metal”? I mean, of course there are black metal bands originating from Oakland and San Francisco, but is there a style defined by that region? One where a million layers of maelstrom obscure a micro portion of pleasing hooks, like Bay Area Thrash, which itself was once the heaviest thing going but also really catchy? Let’s hope so!



asatta-spiraling-into-oblivionA Day To Remember Bad Vibrations (Epitaph) listen listen
Art Of Dying Nevermore EP (Vices And Virtues/The Fuel) listen
Asatta Spiraling Into Oblivion (Burnout Planet) listen
The Devils Music The Devils Music (Coffee Jingle) listen
Falaise As Time Goes By (A Sad Sadness Song) listen
Fange Purge digital (Throatruiner) listen
Imminent Sonic Destruction Triumphia (Luxor) listen
Nag NagMist Of Misery Absence (Black Lion) listen
Morrow Covenant Of Teeth (Halo Of Flies) listen
My Funeral Harder Than This Life EP (Via Nocturna) listen
Nag Nag (Fysisk Format) listen
Necrophiliac Maze Of Forking Paths collection (Xtreem) listen
Nosound Scintilla (Kscope) listen
Robots And Monsters Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight EP listen
useless absence of graceSarcofago Rotting reissue CD/DVD (Greyhaze) listen
Slomatics Future Echo Returns (Black Bow) listen
S.N.A.F.U. Present Day Plague vinyl listen
Suicide By Tigers Suicide By Tigers (Smilodon) listen
Thou Peasant reissue (Gilead) listen
Useless Absence Of Grace (Third Eye Temple) listen listen 
Veil Of Deception Tearing Up The Roots (Sliptrick) listen
Volturyon Cleansed By Carnage (Vicisolum) listen

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