Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Speaks Out on Behalf of Transgender Fans, Begs Fellow Christians to Stop “Posting About Instant Repentance and Hell Fire”

  • Axl Rosenberg

I don’t like Korn, and I’m highly suspicious of anyone who is religious.

That being said, I gotta give props to Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch for his actions this week.

First, this happened:

As you can probably imagine, Welch’s post really brought out the crazies, who immediately started going on and on about how all the queers are going to Hell and that kinda charming stuff.

So then, Welch did this:

It’s worth noting that, much like For Today’s Mattie Montgomery, Welch never states that homosexuality isn’t a sin. Still, whereas Montgomery has focused mostly on not “alienating” gay fans, Welch explicitly preaches a message of tolerance. In fact, by not addressing the sin issue head-on (no pun intended), it’s possible that Welch will get through to some fans who might otherwise have dismissed his calls for peace outright; he’s basically saying, “You can’t beat this people over the head with God, you have to let them come to Him on their own.” Not as good as “There’s nothing wrong with being gay and God loves all His creations,” but still better than “Please don’t stop buying my albums and coming to my shows just because I think you’re going to burn for all eternity.”

Hoepfully, Welch has actually managed to get through to some people.

[via Rock Feed]

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