It’s Another Black Metal Cover of The Cure from Curezum!


I kinda missed the whole Cure wave. I was too young to have been into them during their heyday, and by the time they made a cultural comeback in the mid-’00s I was way too far down the path of metal darkness to care all that much. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good Cure jam here and there, though; their hits are universal and undeniable!

So while I wasn’t previously familiar with The Cure song “A Forest” — the latest to get the treatment from The Cure black metal cover band Curezum (following last year’s cover of “One Hundred Years“) — in listening to the original it’s easy to see why this song was chosen to get the frosty and grim makeover; it’s dark as fuck! The chord progression in the chorus is basically black metal without distortion. Then there’s Robert Smith’s voice, which I think is one of those love it / hate it things, but thanks to Curezum you don’t need to get caught up in that: it’s all twisted, growled snarls from hereon out.

Check out Curezum’s cover, along with the original for comparison, below.

[via Metal Injection]

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