Paraguayan Security Barricade Quits Mid-Megadeth Show Over Contract Dispute

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lambgoat reports that Megadeth were forced to end a show in Paraguay after just five songs this past Saturday evening. The alleged reason?

Video shows disappointed fans throwing bottles at the stage, because, y’know, that’s a surefire strategy for getting the band to come back out:

While this would appear to be some mixture of crap luck and the venue failing to properly construct the barricades, sources close to Megadeth have exclusively revealed to MetalSucks that there was, in fact, more drama behind-the-scenes:

“The Paraguayan security barricade employed for this show, La Barricada de Seguridad, recently started working with Dave Mustaine’s son Justis in a managerial capacity. They were offered the Megadeth show earlier this year because, duh, that’s how things in this business work, it’s all who you know. But in the process of making the relationship between Mustaine Management and La Barricada de Seguridad official, things took a sour turn. The Barricade alleges that it was offered a contract it deemed to be unfair, declined it, and, as a result, ceased work, at which point Megadeth ended the show.”

Lest you fret for La Barricada de Seguridad, however, you ought to know that it was promptly offered representation by Sharon Osbourne, who has already secured (no pun intended) it gigs protecting Black Sabbath and Absu in November. So its kids will still be able to eat!

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