Sh*t That Comes Out Today: August 26, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage!


Wretch (Bad Omen)
On a playlist with: Spelljammer, Monolord, Windhand
Listen “Down” (here) “Icebound” (here)

Fall’s advent: no better time for moody blues-doom. Marauding and intertwining, riffs define songs instead of vice-versa. Maybe there’s one vice: excessive dope smokage (probably). Wretch remains tied to classic roots, and not as detriment to its modern feel. Experimentation is key for Wretch, who also want to drown you in thick sonic goop.


Dulvitund Huldar SlóðirDulvitund
Huldar Slóðir EP (Dissociated)
On a playlist with: the mental twilight before sleep
Listen Huldar Slóðir EP full stream (here)

“Dark” and “ambient” call to mind “depressing” and “postmodern.” Not so: Dulvitund. Their Huldar Slóðir EP is textbook not-metal metal. intensities are there, but captured in a neatly organized framework. Certainly soft music calls for introspection, reflection, etc., but the point here is not to randomly chuck you into those modes of being. Expect instead a smooth transition from consciousness to semi-consciousness; freedom.


Lies PlagueLies
Plague (Southern Lord)
On a playlist with: Harm’s Way, Nails, Trapped Under Ice
Listen Plague full stream (here)

Whoa, sweet album art dudes! It’s not immediately telling, some sublime metallic hardcore is underneath. And how! Plague is stuffed with blast, punk-school, and impatient songwriting.  I.e. you get to hear so much album in relatively little time. This isn’t diet hardcore, this is metalcore, harder. Raunchier. Punch stuff? Probably.


subrosa ftwftboaSubRosa
For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Pallbearer, Cult Of Luna, Windhand
Listen For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages full stream (here)

Calmed down and phased out. For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages is record filled with doom. We’ve plenty of doom records; so few w/ the raw and classical power of SubRosa. You get snobby? The dynamics are what sell: the soft, wooing female vocals and double-slow pace. Reflection, sorrow, destitution. Perhaps real freedom is granted by the soul of music, at least temporarily.


Astrophobos Enthroned In FleshAstrophobos
Enthroned In Flesh EP (Trimvirate)
On a playlist with: Saor, Wayfarer, Nightbringer
Listen “Blood Libation” (here) “Enthroned In Flesh” (here)

Space name: check. Blastbeats: check. Swedish: check, check, check. Already knowing the contents, you gleefully rip it open anyway because surprise is only, like, part of the story. It’s the mixture of classic black metal and depressive-void metal: when you realize your utter insignificance but still feel like praising dark underlords and screaming into an eternal night.


Jettison (Rock Is Hell)
On a playlist with: Horseback (kinda), Queen, Melvins
Listen Jettison full stream (here)

Time for some delicious post-rock. Or prog-rock, or whatever we call a collection of odd noises parsed with lighters-in-the-air rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a sweet spot between funky (too retro) and weird (too smelly). Bellringer nails it. Flipside: Jettison is trying very hard, and the effort is overpowering. But it’s not try-hard, or some ditto version of other bullshit. If it is, then fuck it, let it ring anyhow. Former member of The Melvins.




Controlled BleedingAllegiance D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n. reissue (EVP) trailer
Anewrage ANR deluxe (Scarlet) listen
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The Apocalypse Blues Revue The Apocalypse Blues Revue (Provogue) listen listen
Bangladeafy Narcopaloma EP (Nefarious) listen
Buildings/Volunteer split (Triple Eye) listen
HUman CompostChuck Mosley & VUA Demos For Sale (EMP) listen
Cloak Of Organs Cloak Of Organs EP listen
Coma Cluster Void Mind Cemeteries listen
Controlled Bleeding Larva Lumps And Baby Bumps (Artoffact) listen
Cruzh Cruzh (Frontiers) listen
Crypt Disgusting Zombie Metal box (EVP) trailer
Motorowl Om GeneratorDark Forest Beyond The Veil (Cruz Del Sur) listen
Dawn Of Demise The Suffering (Unique Leader) listen
Death Koolaid Vol. 2 listen
Deep Purple Live At The NEC DVD (Eagle Rock) watch
Delain Moonbathers (Napalm) listen
DGM The Passage (Frontiers) listen
Die Young No Illusions (Good Fight) listen
My RegimeEssential End Deadwood EP (Pavement) listen
Fire From The Gods Narrative (Rise) listen listen
Helstar Vampiro (EMP) listen
Hexenslaught Demo I (Invictus) listen
Human Compost From The Grave They Crawl (HPGD) listen
Husbandry Fera (Aqualamb) listen
Khaldera Alteration EP (Czar Of Revelations) listen
Them BullsKing Company One More For The Road (Frontiers) listen
KISS KISS Rocks Vegas DVD/CD (Eagle Rock) trailer
Kuolemanlaakso M. Laakso Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes (Svart) listen
Lesbian Hallucinogenesis (Translation Loss) listen
Medevil Conductor Of Storms listen listen
Michael Sweet One-Sided War (Rat Pak) listen
Motorowl Om Generator (Century Media) listen
UnbegottenMy Regime Dogmas (Scarlet) listen
Osmium Guillotine/The Tickturds Osmium Guillotine vs. The Tickturds split EP listen
Palace Master Of The Universe (Frontiers) listen
Running Wild Rapid Foray (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
Sodom Decision Day (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
Solution .45 Nightmare In The Waking State: Part II (AFM) listen
Void KingSoundgarden Down On The Upside reissue (Universal) listen
Soundgarden Louder Than Love reissue (Universal)
Svartanatt Svartanatt (The Sign) listen
Them Bulls Them Bulls (Small Stone) listen
Twisted Sister Best Of The Atlantic Years (Rhino) listen
Unbegotten Proem Of The Unborn (Forever Plagued) listen
Vahrzaw Twin Suns & Wolves’ Tongues reissue (Blood Harvest) listen
WorshipperVarious Artists Live At Wacken 2015 2DVD/2CD (UDR) trailer
Vicious Rumors Concussion Protocol (SPV) listen
Void King There Is Nothing (Off The Record) listen
While Sun Ends Terminus (Wooaaargh) listen listen
The Wounded Kings Visions In Bone (Candlelight/Spinefarm) listen
Worshipper Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee) listen
Zed Trouble In Eden (Ripple) listen listen

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