Requiem for Hell: Stream Mono’s Arresting New Song “Ely’s Heartbeat”


“Ely’s Heartbeat,” from Japanese instrumental post-rock masters Mono, is built on an audio sample of the in-utero heartbeat of the band’s close friend’s baby.

On its own, the concept might seem gimmicky — bands incorporate samples of all kinds into music with grandiose proclamations in the name of “art” — but Mono’s mastery of dynamic, and their ability to paint cinematic drama throughout the course of a song with their instruments, brings that idea to vivid life. Having a child is alternatingly wonderful and terrifying, and both of those extremes — as well as everything in between — are captured in this simultaneously gorgeous and melancholic song. Whether you’ve had a child or not, “Ely’s Heartbeat” is sure to elicit emotions ranging from ecstatic to destitute. Or maybe I’m just projecting.

Stream the track below via Noisey. Mono’s new album Requiem for Hell comes out October 14th via Temporary Residence; pre-order here.

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