Slayer’s “Pride in Prejudice” Video is Their Most Terrifying Bloodbath Yet


You might not be a big fan of Slayer’s Repentless — you and me both — but I defy you to say that their recent run of music videos hasn’t been fucking awesome. First, we had the story of Eyepatch butchering some bastards during a prison riot via the “Repentless” video; then we learned how he ended up in the clink in the first place (it involved stabbing) in the “You Against You” video.

Now, the band has released the video for “Pride in Prejudice,” which shows us events that happened two months after the prison riot of “Repentless,” and hoooly fuuucking shiiit, man, it’s one Hell of a gore-soaked statement! Danny Trejo makes his triumphant return, while Bill Moseley (Choptop from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pt. 2 and Otis from House of 1,000 Corpses) stars as the most evil motherfucker in the world, AKA the Dad.

The video opens with Eyepatch being kidnapped from prison. When the hood is yanked from his head, he’s kneeling in front of a giant Nazi flag, so obviously Slayer is letting us know that, despite popular rumors, they ain’t a fan of any pathetic shitheads looking forward to a Fourth Reich. But from there, the video takes a gut-wrenching turn, both in terms of horrific storytelling — Eyepatch isn’t quite the hero you might think he is — and pure gory violence. Through it all, the band plays the song in the wintery woods, their amps sullying the snow around them with oozing blood.

Watch “Pride in Prejudice,” directed by BJ McDonnel, below. Be warned, though: if you have a tender constitution, you might want to sit this one out.

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