Listen to This Brutal Death Metal Cover of Xzibit’s “Best of Things”


Infected Swarm - Xzibit - Best of ThingsBetween the early ’00s ubiquity of Pimp My Ride and his smiling mug on Internet memes for the past decade, it’s easy to forget that Xzibit was once a rapper. Still is, according to Wikipedia: he released an album in 2012.

Thankfully the brutal death metal band Infected Swarm exists to remind us of Xzibit’s fading career as an MC. Their cover of his 2000 song “Best of Things” goes hard as fuck — way harder than the bouncier bop of the original — and I quite like the way brutal death vocals sound over a blast-ified version of the beat. Fuck yeah, Internet!

Tomorrow we’ll be posting an atmospheric black metal cover of Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” Stay tuned.

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