We Korn a Lot


The same Metal Hammer anniversary covers compilation thinger that spawned yesterday’s horrible Asking Alexandria cover of Slipknot’s “Duality” has also birthed some other almost-equally heinous arguments in favor of voluntary deafness. Metal Injection helpfully collected some of these tracks, and now I’m posting them with running commentary because I want to so ppppfffftttt.

First up: Korn covering Faith No More’s “We Care a Lot.” One of the things I like most about the original is that sounds fairly unpolished; the gang vocals don’t sound quite uniform, for example (and Roddy Bottum seems to be doing a baby voice for some reason, so he really sticks out). So Korn’s version is completely antiseptic, natch. Still better than Korn songs written by Korn, though.

Next up: Hacktivist covering Limp Bizkit’s ode to being a moron, “Break Stuff.” Hacktivist are terrible and Limp Bizkit are terrible, but if you’re like me and you find British accents to be naturally pleasing to the ear, you will find this cover slightly more tolerable than the original.

Then there’s Cane Hill cover Alice in Chains’ “We Die Young.” Cane Hill did a good job of making me want to listen to the original. I also had no idea of who Cane Hill were, so I did some research on Spotify, and it turns out Cane Hill have done a pretty good job of making me not want to listen to Cane Hill regardless of what they’re playing.

Finally, we have Katatonia covering Judas Priest’s “Night Comes Down.” There’s actually nothing really wrong with this one, I just wish they had done even more to make the track their own.

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