GosT “Arise” After Falling From Heaven


Man, it’s been a good day for Satanic bands with names referencing ghosts, huh? Shortly after viewing the new video by the Swedish retro-metal band, we watched the new video by hardcore electronic act GosT for their new track “Arise,” and man, what an awesome trip!

While it appears that GosT’s new album Non Paradisi has a running theme of Luciferian horror, the “Arise” video is very different from that of “Maleficarum,” which portrays organic witchcraft taking place deep in the woods. “Arise,” meanwhile, is a classic video game-style retelling of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which tells the story of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven and establishment in Hell (in the book, he also invents the canon and tempts Adam and Eve, but the video is thankfully more focused on the good stuff).

It’d be a cool take on the story in even a very basic sense, but GosT manages to remain true enough to Milton’s epic poem to keep Satanic traditionalists happy. I was especially impressed by the inclusion of Death and his mother Sin, complete with the dogs that run in and out of her womb. Obviously GosT isn’t that interested in the nouveau philosophical Devil — he wants that classic epic evil.

Check out “Arise” below. GosT’s Non Paradisi drops September 30th via Blood Music. Pre-order it here.

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