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Even Kerry King is Making Fun of Dave Mustaine at This Point


We take a lot of shots at Dave Mustaine, but that’s because he basically hands out ammo left and right (though mostly far, far right). Sometimes, we examine things too closely, like when he refuses to talk about the new Metallica track, but other times he just asks for it.

But we’re not alone. Now, even Slayer’s Kerry King is ripping on the guy. From a recent interview with Miaminewtimes.com:

“Yeah, for sure. When the ‘Big Four’ came out. When we did the tour ‘Clash of the Titans‘ [with Megadeth] around ’90, ’91, it was always, you know, you couldn’t really be at war after that point. We thought we were better than everybody. I would imagine Anthrax probably did too. Dave Mustaine thinks that to this day. [Laughs]”

We already know that King thinks Mustaine is crazy, but this, this is amazing. At this point, King had no fear of just laughing publicly at a dude he might run into at any given festival.

So Kerry, man, we should hang! We have choice shit to say about Dave, as well as Lars Ulrich, Glenn Danzig, and Gene Simmons! Let’s get a couple of beers, play some old Priest records, and have ourselves a good old fashioned bitch-fest. We can braid each other’s hair! Well, you can braid our hair, we’ll polish your dome.

[via The PRP]

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