Videos: Elementary School Choir Sings Metallica, Scorpions and More


Earlier this week we shared a video of an elementary school choir in Belgrade, Serbia singing Manowar’s “Heart of Steel” and we wondered aloud what might inspire conductor Jovana Obradović to pick such a song for 80+ assembled schoolchildren to perform: is she a huge metalhead compelled to share her love of the darkness we love so much with her students? Did she just enjoy that particular tune? Or does she have an affinity for singing about steel and fighting?

Welp, now I think we have our answer: MetalSucks reader Žarko M. sent in several more videos of the same conductor and choir spanning two years, and there’s no doubt in our minds that Obradović simply loves metal and enjoys the art of arranging its classic tracks for choral performance. HOW FUCKING BADASS IS THAT? Most of these kids have probably never been exposed to metal before — if what qualifies as elementary school in Serbia is the same as the U.S., these kids are no older than 10 (or 13, if we include middle school) — and their ears have now been opened to a vast, incredible new world. Fuck yeah! High fives all around for Ms. Obradović. 

Here are some videos of her choir performing classics by Metallica, Scorpions, and, um, Bruce Dickinson (not sure why Bruce’s solo material was chosen over Maiden, but perhaps it just lent itself better to a choral arrangement).

Watch below, recall how miserable you were singing crap like “What a Wonderful Day” in your own youth chorus, and wish you’d had a teacher this cool.

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