Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Says “Clown has Downgraded Himself to Mime” in Wake of Recent Clown Attacks


Remember after 9/11, when there were all those anthrax attacks, and as a consequence, Anthrax had to do this?

Of course, it was easy for Anthrax to take a stand against a threat as silly as anthrax. But how can a metal band possibly be flip when it comes to something as serious as the “killer clown” craze?

The answer is, they can’t. And so Corey Taylor has made the following announcement on the BBC program No Such Thing as the News:

“Even our dear Clown has downgraded himself to Mime, in order to distance himself from these hedonistic doppelgangers until the coast is clear.”

Although some will surely see this as a move akin to naming names before the House Un-American Activities Committee, it seems to me like Mime is making a classy move here. There’s nothing funny about clowns, and there ought to be nothing funny about Slipknot.

Plus, we all know mimes are way worse than regular clowns anyway. Kinda surprised he didn’t start out as Mime.

[via NME]

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