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Ben Weinman and Greg Puciato Break Down The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Dissociation Track-by-Track


Today sees the release of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s new album, Dissociation. And while new DEP music is always cause for celebration, Dissociation feels extra-special because it’s probably going to be the band’s last album — at least for awhile.

So you’ll probably wanna wring every last drop of goodness out of Dissociation. This will help: Team Rock‘s track-by-track breakdown of the album by guitarist Ben Weinman and vocalist Greg Puciato — DEP’s Jagger and Richard, their Page and Plant, their Michaels and DeVille. By way of example, here’s Weinman discussing one of my personal favorite cuts on the album, “Nothing to Forget”:

“’Nothing to Forget’ sounds like the best Faith No More song we ever wrote. Maybe even the best Faith No More song THEY never wrote. I felt like it was a pitch that Greg could really hit because it left space, and it was dark and it had personality. It was one of those songs, like ‘Milk Lizard,’ that just came really easy. We just got in a room and made it happen.”

Read the whole thing hereDissociation is out today on Party Smasher and you should all buy it. The band is also on tour even as I type this. Get dates here.

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