In Defense of the Argument That Drum Triggers in Metal are Fine


Nothing gets the Metalnets message board l33t fired up like a discussion on drum triggers. Are triggers only for posers who can’t play their instrument? Too artificial? Or are they a perfectly OK method of modifying drum sounds, akin to running a guitar through a distorted amp circuit?

Gear Gods contributor Zeke Ferrington makes a very convincing argument in favor of drum triggers in a new editorial published earlier this week. The tl;dr version is this: several “classic” metal records that tr00 metalheads hold in high regard, including landmark releases by Entombed, Morbid Angel and Mayhem, all used sound-replaced drums, so all your whining about new-fangled technology compensating for musical inability is bunk.

[Entombed’s Left Hand Path] came out in 1990 and the production on this album is iconic. Entombed and the producer Tomas Skogsberg set a unique musical aesthetic that has lasted through to the present day. It’s an album easily in most metal elitist’s top 10. And, what’s this?! Yep, there’s ddrum pads triggering a kick and snare sample on the whole thing.

“Well that must be a unique example for back then right? Drummers that could actually play didn’t need triggers or sample replacement.”

You shut your beautiful mouth.

Read the full article here and start preparing your stangry comment about how we’re all a bunch of posers right now.

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