Disturbed’s David Draiman Thinks Women are Cows for Milking


Disturbed were performing in Midlands, Texas earlier this week when a woman near the front engaged in the time-honored rock concert tradition of throwing her bra on the stage. You could certainly make the argument that as soon as she did so, she basically gave David Draiman permission to talk about her — why throw your bra if you don’t want the band to pay attention to your breasts? — but Draiman went a step further than that:

“This woman’s boobs are so big she could solve world hunger. It’s fucking ridiculous. So, darling, I mean, there are children here, probably hungry children. So why don’t you put yourself to good use? Ladies and gentlemen, if your children are hungry after the show, please see this young woman up near the front. I’m sure she’ll be lactating soon.”

Then he gave her a field to graze t-shirt and sent her off to Immortan Joe’s milk farm.

The grand irony of Draiman’s statement, of course, is that in telling the woman to “put herself to good use,” he’s implying that coming to a Disturbed concert is not a “good use.”

So at least we can all agree on that.

Watch the video below:

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