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Supergroup Art of Anarchy Debuts First Song with Creed’s Scott Stapp

  • Axl Rosenberg

In May, Art of Anarchy announced that they were adding Creed vocalist Scott Stapp to their line-up. Stapp would replace another iconic 90s yarler named ‘Scott,’ the late Scott Weiland. Stapp joined an already-illustrious line-up that includes Bumblefoot, who made Axl Rose squillions of dollars by leaving Guns N’ Roses, and John Moyer, arguably the third most famous member of Disturbed.

The band has now debuted their first song with Stapp, “The Badness.”

Sorry. Sorry. That’s “The Madness.” My mistake.

The song is not without its merits. It’s better than anything Creed or Disturbed ever recorded, so that’s a merit. It has a very strong hook — it’s an annoying hook, like the hard rock equivalent of a Gloria Estefan song — but it will get stuck in your head, so I guess that’s a merit. It’s under four minutes, which is definitely a merit. And if you sincerely enjoy Afflictioncore (e.g., Five Finger Death Punch, non-rapping Papa Roach, etc.), you will probably get down with this, which is a merit for everyone on the band’s payroll. Way to help create new American jobs! Pat yourself on the back and eat a hot dog.

You can check out “The Madness” via the below music video. The band’s next album is tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2017 release. The band will play their first-ever live show at the Gramercy in New York on October 27.

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