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Synthwave Sunday Video Premiere: Dynatron, “The Tristar”


Dynatron - The Rigel AxiomOn November 4th, Blood Music — who’ve built themselves up as the go-to label for synthwave’s darker, heavier side over the past couple of years — will release The Rigel Axiom by Dynatron, one of the longest running synthwave artists in the world.

As you might expect — from Dynatron, whose stories are always rich, and from the genre in general — the album has quite the backstory, inspired by the familiar subjects: space, technology, extra terrestrial life. Here’s the press copy:

Serving as an epilogue to his majestic sophomore album “Aeternus,” DYNATRON’s “The Rigel Axiom” expands upon similar motifs – those of eternal space exploration, loneliness, and discovery. The EP experiments in mining the depths of dark ambient elements within DYNATRON’s universe, as he takes us on a measured journey to Rigel: the brightest star in the constellation Orion. 

The story of “The Rigel Axiom” is a tributary that emerges from DYNATRON’s earlier albums – “Escape Velocity” and “Aeternus” – acting as an expansion of the experience of descending upon and exploring foreign worlds. 

The EP’s storyline leads us into a star system so vastly different from our own through the ever-so-first encounter with an exoplanet. We explore the unearthly, unwelcoming and deeply fascinating wilderness with obscure and inconceivable revelations.

Today MetalSucks is pleased to premiere “The Tristar” in music video form, directed, edited and animated by Daniel Schwartz. As the album’s opening track, the video for “The Tristar” is a perfect introduction to the themes explored on the album, too, leaving the comforts of earth for the great unknown of the rest of the universe. The song is appropriately ominous in mood… so just you wait until you hear what the rest of the album has in store.

The Rigel Axiom comes out on November 4th; order it here.

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