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Metal Hammer Calls These “The 10 Essential Rap Metal Albums”


Having already unveiled their list of “10 Essential Nu-Metal Albums” in August, Metal Hammer have now released a list of “10 Essential Rap Metal Albums.” You can read the whole thing in detail here, but below is the list with none of the accompanying explanatory text, courtesy of The PRP. The good news is, neither Limp Bizkit nor Linkin Park made the cut. The bad news is almost everything else.

  • Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine
  • 311 – Music
  • Various Artists – Judgment Night Soundtrack
  • Body Count – Body Count
  • (hed)p.e. – Broke
  • Kid Rock – Devil Without a Cause
  • 24-7 Spyz – Harder Than You
  • Senser – Stacked Up
  • Biohazard – State of the World Address
  • Cypress Hill – Skull & Bones

Where to even begin with this thing, which out-sillies its own inherently silly concept? There’s no rapping on Body Count’s debut despite Ice-T being a rapper, so its inclusion on the list is tantamount to calling Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “One of the Best Shows About Hip-Hop.” I know we argue a lot amongst ourselves about what is or is not metal, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone bring 3-fucking-11 into the conversation. Only six of the eighteen songs on Skull & Bones are metal. If State of the World Address is rap metal, then so is every Suicidal Tendencies album — Slipknot did more rapping on their eponymous debut than Biohazard did on World. And (hed)p.e. should never be on any list that doesn’t have the word “douchebags” in the title.

But, hey, good for Senser and 24-7 Spyz for getting some recognition. I was never really a fan of either band, but they were both definitely ahead of their time.

I’d post my own personal counter-list, but I’m not sure I can name ten rap metal albums that I sincerely believe are “essential.” Obviously, the first three RATM albums would all be on the list. I know people like to classify Faith No More as rap metal, but outside of “Epic,” that’s not really accurate. I did enjoy that Judgement Night soundtrack when I was eleven, but I’m not sure it holds up.

So, yeah, whatever. Argue amongst yourselves about which albums should or should not be on the list in the comments section. Anyone who suggests Scare Don’t Fear is  choad vomit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink Necro’s salty tears.

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