Get Your Trip-Hop on with Moonlapse


Moonlapse - ViridisLast year we told you about Moonlapse, a one-man project in the ambient electronic realm that’s got a certain metal flare. If you were ever a fan of Massive Attack and Portishead but wished they had a little more balls, I highly recommend you give Moonlapse a shot.

So: project mastermind Ben Strick just released a new album called Viridis, and he dropped a new track from it called “Dark Root Omen” earlier this week. The new album and track find him venturing even further into the trip-hop side of things, so if you’re one of those people who absolutely can’t bare to listen to music without distorted guitars you’d probably best steer clear. But for the rest of us open-minded individuals: ho boy, this is great stuff! It’s super chilled out and vibey, the perfect soundtrack to a chill night at home with a bong and a best friend.

Check out “Dark Root Omen” below and visit Moonlapse on Facebook.

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