Matt Pike Says We Don’t Have to Worry, God and/or Aliens are Coming to Save Us

  • Axl Rosenberg

Everyone can relax about the sky falling, because Matt Pike has assured Loudwire that aliens, God, or some sort of Alien God will soon intervene on humanity’s behalf:

“We’re due for a fucking big shitstorm and I think it’s gonna get cleared out, because I think other powers that be, seeing what’s going on in the world, they can’t let us keep going down this path. I believe there’s going to be an intervention. I don’t know if it’s aliens, I don’t know if it’s god, I don’t know if it’s anything.”

I know it’s confusing when he says “I don’t know if it’s anything” at the end there, but I think that’s just an inarticulate man struggling to express himself. I wouldn’t equate it with Pike saying “Or maybe there won’t be an intervention.” So, phew!

Pike also defended himself from allegations that he’s a crackpot:

“Everybody wants to put a tinfoil on my hat my head, but look around there’s something fucking wrong, something ain’t right. And Planet X is on its way in and everybody knows that it’s fact now, even NASA admits it. And everybody wanted to call me fucking crazy then—hey, call me crazy—when it happens it’s not my fault that you didn’t fucking listen or fucking plan on it.”

The thing is, NASA absolutely has not “admitted” that there’s a Planet X — they’ve allowed for the possibility of an unknown planet. But if it exists at all, it doesn’t seem to be on a crash course for Earth.

I love Matt Pike’s music, but I find his comments infuriating. Here’s the problem with conspiracy theories (besides their barely-tangential relationship to reality, I mean): they shift the blame. Fuckin’ A, “there’s something wrong, something ain’t right” in the world today. But it’s got fucking nothing to do the Zionist Illuminati and Planet X and Credo Mutwa. It’s hatred built on ignorance fueled by lies, plain and simple. You wanna fix it? You can hold your breath waiting for an “intervention” or you can get off your ass and do something. Your call.

P.S. How the fuck do you “plan” for a collision with another planet, anyway? Does Pike have a rocket in his basement waiting to take him and his family into the far reaches of space? ‘Cause a bunker and some non-perishable food ain’t gonna help much.

[via The PRP]

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