Here’s Photos and Video from the Lords of Chaos Movie Set in Oslo, Norway


Yesterday we got a sneak peak at the cast of Lords of Chaos — the upcoming film documenting the genesis of the Norwegian black metal scene — from a most unlikely source: the music video for Metallica’s new track “ManUNkind.” Scream 4‘s Rory Culkin will play Euronymous, Brooklyn‘s Emory Cohen will portray Varg “Holy Shit a Jewish Actor is Playing Me?!?!” Vikernes, The Nice Guys’ Jack Kilmer will embody Dead, and Valter Skarsgård will be Faust.

Today, the Norwegian film site Filter Film og TV has posted some photos and video from the film’s set in Oslo, Norway, which is being used as a stand-in for Bergen, where the film’s events originally took place. Rough translation from Norwegian via Google Translate, edited for clarity:

It is also evident that [film director and former Bathory drummer Jonas] Åkerlund is concerned with period details: extras are dressed in nittitallsgevanter and a hair salon in the street is for the occasion turned into “Nordnes video store.” In the scene that was recorded today, “Count” goes out of the video store and sits in a car.

It leads us to suspect that Oslo is in this case stand-in for Bergen since Vikernes rented a movie there the day before the murder to substantiate that he had been at home when the murder happened.

Here’s some footage of the scene in question being filmed, with some photos of the set below, all courtesy of Filter Film og TV.

Lords of Chaos filming Lords of Chaos filming Lords of Chaos filming Lords of Chaos filming

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