Mayhem’s Necrobutcher Reviews Lords of Chaos


Mayhem bassist Necrobtucher (born Slakter Død) has provided Consequence of Sound with his detailed thoughts on this year’s Lords of Chaos movie. And while you might be unsurprised to learn that he didn’t like it, you’re probably not expecting him to have a few nice things to say about it, too. Which he does. At least kind of:

“I was very surprised to see a Hollywood production that actually cared, somewhat, about the product. Not so many moviegoers listen to Mayhem. I mean, I know how many fans we have and I know how many people live in the world. So compared to that, it’s a very small number. So I was very surprised to see that they actually took the time to reproduce the wardrobe to the time, like a throwback time to 1991.

“The rest of the set and stuff, you know, they took a lot of effort to reproduce stuff which I thought was very surprising, because I thought, you know, only geeks would know this anyway, so why put so much energy into these small details that only a handful of people know about. But then again, I got to know the director, Jonas Åkerlund, and I had some meetings with him. Coming from his perspective, I just think that in the beginning everything came out very wrong. I was approached by ‘Rolling Stone‘ magazine as the first one on this run, and they asked me what I was thinking about it and that was the first thing I heard about it. I told them ‘Yeah, go fuck yourselves.’ So they quoted me on that. But that was before I knew anything that was going on at all.

“Because, I am just protecting my story and integrity. It came out all the wrong way. They should have called us first and maybe we could have done something. But then again, the movie is out. I saw it. It just made me sad. It was not a good movie. As a production wise, I don’t know, I am not a movie geek.

“But for me, it just felt like a sad movie. I was thinking ‘fuck, this is…,’ it just came back during the movie. So that wasn’t good. But it’s overhyped, that’s why you’re asking these questions. Nothing happened. There was a movie, it came, it went and now it’s over, now it’s coming on DVD.

“Did it make an impact for us? If so, very little actually. We didn’t gain any more fans, as fas as I know.”

It’s interesting to note that although he says “It was not a good movie,” a lot of his problem with it seems to stem from the memories stirred up more than from the movie itself. He even recuses himself from judging the movie as a production. (Incidentally, I did not recuse myself from judging the movie as a production, and I thought it was pretty meh.)

Later, Mr. Butcher even commented on the Åkerlund-directed video for Metallica’s “ManUNkind,” which was produced as part of the Lords of Chaos shoot and includes the movie’s recreation of Mayhem:

“I didn’t even think about that. Completely forgot about that already. The world’s biggest metal band make a video pretending to be us, so that was weird.”

You can check out the entire conversation below. Mayhem just dropped a new album, Daemon, which you can get via the usual outlets.

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