Mastodon and Hellyeah Bassist Brothers Play Bassist Brothers in Bass Commercial

  • Axl Rosenberg

Did you know that Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders are brothers? Really! It’s not just a coincidence that they have the same last name!

Orange Amplifiers have capitalized on this bizarre-but-true fact with a new commercial, entitled “Bass Brothers.” Because they’re brothers who play bass. Get it? I know, it’s very much like a New Yorker cartoon where you have to think about it for a second. But trust me, it’s droll.

Watch the ad below. Then head to the comments section to ponder how frequently Troy wins squabbles with Kyle by pointing out that if they were in the movie Twins, Mastodon would be the Schwarzenegger to Hellyeah’s DeVito.

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