Kip Winger Was Also Nominated for a Grammy

  • Axl Rosenberg

When we received a press release announcing all of this year’s Grammy nominations, I Apple-F’d my way right to “Best Metal Performance” and didn’t even bother looking at the rest, ’cause I care about the Grammys about as much as I care about who’s playing in White Wizzard this week.

But shame on me! If I had bothered to look at all the nominations, I mightn’t have needed Metal Insider to tell me that Kip Winger — yes, that Kip Winger — was also nominated this year for one of music’s highest meaningless honors.

In what category was Winger nominated, you ask? Best Contemporary Classical Composition. Really. His competition includes Christopher Theofanidis, Jennifer Higdon, and Chip Z’Nuff.

I kid, kid.

ANYWAY, the album for which Winger has been nominated is Winger: Conversations With Nijinsky. I’m listening to it for the first time now, and so far, so good. You can check it out below if you’re curious. Alas, it does not appear to feature a guest solo from Reb Beach. Bummer.

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