Shit That Comes Out Today: December 9, 2016

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Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Armorican Deathrites (Iron Bonehead)
On a playlist with: Beyond, Vorum, The Crown’s Hell Is Here
Listen Armorican Deathrites full stream (here)

You may already have Venefixion’s awesome 2015 demo, Defixio; after all, it’s one of those rare demos that got its own release, like a blueprint that hangs in an art museum. But if not, the CD version of their new three-song EP Armorican Deathrites also has Defixio‘s four cuts unaltered. Death metal made of goosebumps, awesome solos, virtuosic demonstrations of momentum. Crank it up!


Live at Wembley (EarMusic)
On a playlist with: Ayumi Hamazaki, Slipknot, Dir en grey
Listen Live At Wembley trailer (here)

Dear MetalSucks reader, please accept my provisional thanks for reading my fancy new Best of 2016 list. For a writer, it’s enlightening to sit down and empirically determine which album did its “thing” best, and which means the most to you. Some you love to love, others are like a backrub from your uncle and require selective denial. Babymetal is the latter, but it’s awesome that a big-budget band like Babymetal is awesome; it means we metal people can enjoy a massive concert event, the exhilerating tweaks to their mega-jams (think Operation: Livecrime), screens, and theater. Otherwise the closest thing is Tool (no fun) or TSO (no deal).


Metachthonia (Broken Limbs)
On a playlist with: Hammers Of Misfotune, Woods of Ypres, Wintersun
Listen Metachthonia full stream (here)

The creators of Thrawsunblat’s Metachthonia possess a mastery of guitar composition that makes you want to inspect their gear like an umpire checks a baseball bat for cork. Every guitar sound seems like an reponse to a demand for proof that the instrument is capable of the most profound expressions. To even stay in the picture, songwriting and vocals would have to be as magnificent. Which they are. Members of Woods of Ypres, Immortal Bird, Obsidian Tongue.


crimson-moonCrimson Moon
Oneironaut (W.T.C.)
On a playlist with: Death Karma, Cult Of Fire, Bathory
Listen Oneironaut full stream (here)

Are you kinda turned off by fruity medieval instruments? Good, that means you’re normal. But Crimson Moon’s Oneironaut is cosmic black metal, which goes with everything — even an awkward passage of lute or unnecessary hand percussion. Shit, this record could get away with a kazoo solo ffs. The dude from Archerontas, Zemial, and Demoncy.


luca-turillis-rhapsody-prometheus-the-dolby-atmos-experienceLuca Turilli’s Rhapsody
Prometheus – The Dolby Atmos Experience/Cinematic and Live DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Hammerfall, TSO, Queensryche
Listen “Rosenkreuz” (herePrometheus – The Dolby Atmos Experience trailer (here)

Let’s break down this elegantly-titled release: LT’s R has remixed a 2015 studio album called Prometheus, which is a big hairy deal with opera singers, choirs, a symphony, and a metal band. Here in 2016, it becomes the first metal album in the Dolby Atmos format, a new high-tech 3D innovation for home theaters. So before you spend $15 on this album, first spend like ten grand on the gear or it won’t work. And it comes with a live album called Cinematic And Live.


Creatura (Dio Drone)
On a playlist with: Corrections House, Goblin, Boredoms
Listen Creatura full stream (here)

Did you hear that 2015 album by Corrections House, the band comprised of dudes from Neurosis, Eyehategod, Minsk, and Yakuza? It’s kinda sideways minimal industrial weirdness by and for those in the grips of mental illness. Well, if you loved that album, but kept thinking it isn’t weird enough, then welcome to OvO.



aenaonAenaon Hypnosophy (Code 666) listen
Aittala American Nightmare listen
Awooga Alpha (Rockosmos) listen
Bearstorm Biophobia (Grimoire) listen
Circles Of Dust Machines Of Our Disgrace (Fixt) listen
Cliterati Cliterati EP (Tankcrimes) listen
Craneium Explore The Void (Ripple) listen
bearstormDemonos From Sacred To Profane EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Destroy The Runner Void listen
Dreamshade Vibrant (Artery) listen listen
Gnaw Their Tongues Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent (Consouling Sounds) listen
Heart Avail Heart Avail EP (Milagro) listen
Invertia The Biddings Of Tyrants listen
jardin-de-la-croixIron Bastards Fast & Dangerous (FDA Rekotz) listen
Jardin de la Croix Circadia (Aloud) listen
Kratornas Devoured By Damnation (Grathila) listen
Lascar Absence deluxe (A Sad Sadness Song) listen
Luciferian Light Orchestra Black EP (Svart) listen
My Dying Bride A Harvest Of Dread box (Peaceville) listen
Noise From Nowhere This World So Sick (This Is Core) listen
r-i-p-in-the-windPitch Black Process Derin (EMP) listen
Red Mesa / Blue Snaggletooth Ripple Music: The Second Coming Of Heavy IV split (Ripple) listen
R.I.P. In The Wind (RidingEasy) listen
Root Hell Symphony reissue (Eternal Death) listen
Ruin He-Ho / Flat Lux reissue (Southern Lord) listen
Sacrificio Guerra Eterna (Iron Bonehead/Nuclear War Now!) listen
sentient-horrorSentient Horror Ungodly Forms (Testimony) listen
Sibiir Sibiir (Fysisk Format) listen
Sithter Chaotic Fiend (Bonten) listen listen listen
Soggy Soggy (Outer Battery) listen
Southern Drinkstruction Vultures Of The Black River (Rotten Roll Rex) listen
Spazz Sweatin’ 2: Deported Live Gorilla reissue (Tankcrimes) listen
Sumac Before You I Appear EP (Thrill Jockey) listen
siibiirTerra Mors Secunda (Code666) listen
Those Who Fear State Of Mind (Facedown) listen listen
Thunder And Lightning The Ages Will Turn listen
The Workhorse III Closer To Relevance listen
Zao The Well-Intentioned Virus listen
Zombieslut Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery (Zombification) listen

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