Did Deep Purple Rip Off Devin Townsend’s Logo?


Deep Purple revealed the cover artwork for their new album InFinite yesterday and it’s caused quite a shitstorm amongst Devin Townsend fanboys; the main motif on Deep Purple’s cover, they allege, blatantly rips off Townsend’s logo.

To be fair, the logo does look a helluva lot like the “DTP” design Devin’s been using for his Devin Townsend Project moniker over the past decade or so. It’s become so synonymous with Devin himself that it even appears on his custom guitars. Take a look:

Deep Purple InfiniteDevin Townsend Project - Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Halldevinguitar1 devinguitar2

All that said, a couple of things here:

1. Though the logos do bear a striking resemblance to one another, they’re both based on the very well-known “infinity” symbol, hence the Deep Purple album title, so neither one of them is terribly original in the first place. Townsend even released an album called Infinity.

2. The man himself, Heavy Devy, doesn’t seem to give a shit:

So, let’s just go about our merry way and get back to enjoying Devin’s music, mmkay? And Deep Purple, too, if you’re into that. InFinite comes out on April 7th.

[via The PRP]

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