Suicide Silence: 70% Clean Vocals on New Album, Single Coming This Month


If you’re one of the people who got pissy about the clean vocals on “Doris,” the new song Suicide Silence debuted at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest earlier this year, this is not gonna make you happy. Skip the rest of this article and go get a drink or something.

For more reasonable fans: you may be interested in this intel on the new Suicide Silence album, as revealed by Alex Lopez (drums) and Dan Kenny (bass) during a recent interview with Metalshop.

For one thing, Lopez says that “Doris” isn’t going to be the only piece of new material to feature clean vocals:

“There’s clean vocals on seventy percent of the album… when you listen to System of a Down, [Serj Tankian is] screaming and talking and doing himself. When you listen to Marilyn Manson you’re listening to a person… it’s called ‘range,’ it’s called ‘dynamics,’ it’s called ‘fucking go for it’… it’s the first time [vocalist Eddie Hermida] ever been confident enough to do it, but Eddie’s always been a singer… there’s a lot of singing in it, there’s a lot of screaming in it, there’s a lot of everything in it… there’s melody in it.”

But lest you worry this means the album gonna’s be chock full of autotune, fret not! Lopez says the band tried to take an old school approach to this record:

“We’re trying to record raw. No click, no samples, everybody jams together in one room… we did the whole record on tape, we used old analog tape and old preamps.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lopez reveals that they created one of those nifty 360° videos from the aforementioned Ozzfest Meets Knotfest performance of “Doris.” Kenny then adds, “I think we’ll be releasing a single this month.” Presumably, “Doris” will be that single.

You can check out the whole interview below:


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