What is Emmure’s New Song “Russian Hotel Aftermath” About?


Sorry, guys: we’ve now heard two songs from the forthcoming Emmure record, and it doesn’t seem that having an entirely new band, including two former members of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, is gonna make that much of a difference in their sound. Emmure is quite clearly now the Frankie Palmeri show. Which is to say: big dumb BREAAAAAKDOOOOOOOWNS! And that annoying whiny thing Frankie does with his voice sometimes. And not much else.

Here’s “Russian Hotel Aftermath,” the title of which makes me curious about the lyrics, but not curious enough that I’d actually listen closely to find out what the song’s about. Possibly that time Palmeri got electrocuted on stage in Russia? But if you’ve got more patience than me, kindly let us all know in the comments!

New album Look at Yourself comes out at a date TBD in 2017 via Sharptone Records, the Nuclear Blast imprint founded by ex-Sumerian #2 Shawn Keith. The new single is available along with previously released song “Torch” as a two-song download now.

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