Enlarge Take a crack at mixing Gojira's famous track using the original session files, and you could win some neat gear.

Nail The Mix Invites You To Submit Your Own Mix of Gojira’s “Toxic Garbage Island”


Nail the Mix is back in December with another huge track for you aspiring recording engineers to mix. Gojira’s sledgehammer classic track from The Way of All Flesh, “Toxic Garbage Island,” is up for grabs and Nail the Mix wants to see what you can do when you’re handed the reigns to one of modern metal’s most revered songs.

For those unfamiliar, Nail the Mix is a website that is dedicated to providing producers of all backgrounds the tools, means, and know-how to create fantastic mixes. It’s pretty awesome; you can sit in on live mixing sessions, talk to famous producers, and learn new methods that will help propel your skills to the next level. From time to time they hold competitions to see what you can do when given an iconic track; they’ll give you enough to get you started, but it’s up to you to make it your own.

Nail the Mix’s Eyal Levi had this to say:

“When The Way Of All Flesh by Gojira came out, it was one of those WTF moments in terms of power, energy, aggression, punch and power in a metal mix. I know that for myself and many of my peers, tracks off that album became some of our go-to reference mixes for what metal should sound like, to this day! To actually have Logan Mader walking us through how he mixed it, along with getting to work with the actual tracks by one of my favorite Metal bands of all time is not only a professional milestone for Nail the Mix, but a personal one as a fan of music.”

Logan Mader, the original producer for The Way of All Flesh, chimed in as well:

“I’m stoked to Nail the Mix of a Gojira song I originally worked on nine years ago! Gonna start from scratch and approach it from a new perspective. I’ll be competing with myself on a mission to beat the original master! I’m really looking forward to the real-time interaction with NTM community during the session. Gonna be a blast!”

This sounds awesome! Contest winners will receive an Omega Preamp, including Omega Transformer plugins, and a one-year subscription to Kush plugins. The runner-up will also receive a one-year sub.

For more info check out Nail the Mix here, or hit them up on Facebook. What are you waiting for? Get to mixin’.

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