Mark Zuckerberg and Morgan Freeman Think Nickelback Suck, Too

  • Axl Rosenberg

It turns out that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, like the Canadian police and billions of others around the world, hates Nickelback.

In a new promo, Zuckerberg reveals that he’s created an AI that he calls “Jarvis.” The name is obviously a nod to the AI Paul Bettany voiced in the Iron Man movies, but Zuckerberg is an actual billionaire, not just a movie billionaire, so he got Morgan Freeman to voice his AI. We’d all of done the same thing.

Why is this relevant to MetalSucks? Well, 1:13 into the promo, there’s a swell Nickelback joke. You’ll see it coming a mile away, but it will still make you chuckle. Sometimes it’s fun to shoot in a fish in a barrel. As a bonus, the gag is also a play on Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Although Nickelback have previously made moves to stop people from being such meanies, I doubt they’ll try and silence Zuckerberg. If they do, he’ll probably just buy Canada and have them executed.

Enjoy (via Rock Feed):


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