Suicide Silence Producer Ross Robinson Responds to “Doris” Backlash


We here at MetalSucks absolutely love the new Suicide Single, “Doris.” It’s the best thing they’ve put out in years… maybe ever! The clean vocals are great, giving the track added nuance and expanding the band’s scope.

But we seem to be in the minority. Fans are REALLY pissed about the song’s use of clean vocals, uproariously “downvoting” the track on YouTube and leaving nasty comments on Facebook, which inspired drummer Alex Lopez to go on a tirade of mean-spirited responses that have since been deleted. Metal YouTuber Jared Dines even devoted an entire video to the topic.


Now Ross Robinson, who produced the album (and whose 20+ year discography includes credits with Korn, Sepultura, Slipknot, At the Drive-In and more) has taken to the band’s Facebook page to leave a comment of his own, and it’s pretty fucking great:

“We exist to irritate or inspire. Everything I’ve read let’s [sic] me know we did our job. To be loved is the sellout – you’re all being lit by our gasoline and it’s glorious! The hatred is fkg awesome, you are feeling something! Step back and take a look at your fire, see what I see in you! Put that fire into your creative and do something completely amazing – I wish I could capture this feeling tngt on tape – super mega inspired to rip- you all are amazin!!!!”

This is exactly the attitude that anyone associated with this album — the band members, the producer, management, the record label, etc — should be taking! The band took a real risk — which so few bands these days do — and now they’re standing boldly behind their work. You don’t like it? Probably means they’re doing something right.

It’s pretty hilarious that “metal singer uses clean vocals” is such a hot-button issue in 2017, but there you have it: mongoloids gonna mongoloid.

[via Metal Injection]

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