Video: Jared Dines Reviews Addresses Suicide Silence Clean Vocals Controversy in “Doris” Review

  • Axl Rosenberg

I really, really, REALLY like Suicide Silence’s new song, “Doris.” But I seem to be in the minority: a lotta fans are CRAZY pissed about the track containing clean vocals, and as of this writing, the “dislikes” on YouTube far outweigh the “likes.”


Now, to be fair, way more people checked out the song than clicked “like” or “dislike,” so those numbers aren’t really indicative of the opinions of anyone other than the people who are inclined to give YouTube videos a thumbs up or thumbs down. I’m sure there are plenty of people like me, who never ever click on that shit, and these numbers obviously do not represent our opinions.

Still, I’m sure both Suicide Silence and their label, Nuclear Blast, were hoping for a more overtly positive reaction to the track, especially since the band’s new, self-titled album apparently features a ton of clean vocals.

Now YouTube supahstah Jared Dines has weighed in with his opinion, and… well… see for yourself:

I’m usually a fan of Dines, but holy moly this is a crock. Are people really pissed about the clean vocals because of Eddie Hermida’s two high notes at the top of the chorus? Seriously??? Why? Is being able to hit those notes somehow “not metal”? Anyone have the balls to tell that to Rob Halford?

And hey, I get it: Suicide Silence are a very different band from Judas Priest. But also… so the fuck what? Metal history is overflowing with far better examples of bands trying, and failing miserably, to make adjustments to their sound: Super ColliderIllud Divinum Insanus, and roughly HALF OF METALLICA’S GODDAMN DISCOGRAPHY all come to mind.

The bottom line is, Hermida’s choices fit well with the song. You don’t have to like them. But your dislike should be based on a more cogent argument than “He shouldn’t have sung those high notes.”

Discuss in the comments section below while I go rock out to “Doris” for the umpteenth time since its release.

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