King 810’s David Gunn Pursues Second Career as a MMA Fighter


If you’re a King 810 fan, you might feel concerned for the band. Sure, they’re doing just swell right now, but that’s not gonna last forever. Do these boys have a back-up plan? A career into which they can transition once their fifteen minutes are up?

Well, at least one of them does: turns out vocalist David Gunn is a light heavyweight MMA fighter! Now there‘s a career with legs!!! And Gunn clearly has a gift for it, as he is currently undefeated. Sure, he’s only participated in one fight thus far, but still… at least he didn’t lose, right?

The PRP reports that Gunn’s next battle will take place this Friday, January 20, “as part of the ‘LFA 2’ event at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN.” Which seems appropriate. Nothing says “Trump Inauguration” like watching two dudes beat the living shit out of one another.

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