Kirk Hammett: “REJECT the term Alt-Right, just another sneaky euphemism for white supremacy.”


Kirk Hammett is fired up.

After expressing his political sentiments in measured tones in the weeks following the election of Donald Trump, the Metallica guitarist vowed that “if anything happens that I’m not okay with, I’m going to be super vocal about it for the first time in my life.” And now he’s making good on that promise.

Hammett went on a Twitter tirade on Friday night, the day of Trump’s inauguration, comparing the president’s speech to 1930s Germany, calling for the rejection of “lies from the people within the new administration” and railing against those who deny climate change. He ended the series of Tweets with a call to reject the term “alt-right,” presumably sparked by the video of white supremacist Richard Spencer getting socked in the face.

Here are a few of Hammett’s more potent Tweets:


The usually demure guitarist whose request to keep guitar solos on St Anger was infamously shot down — captured in posterity in Some Kind of Monster — has suddenly developed a voice. And he’s so doing so in spite of Metallica’s unofficial policy of keeping quiet on political issues.

Keep it coming, Kirk: we need you right now. Metal needs you, the voice of reason needs you and America needs you. Bring it!

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