Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere: “If the Dead Could Speak” by Fetid Zombie (Mark Riddick)



There isn’t a metal fan on earth who is unfamiliar with the art of Mark Riddick. There’s a reason MetalSucks named this dude one of The 25 Most Important People in Metal last year — his work is iconic and instantly recognizable and is one of those things that got really popular in a relatively short period of time for a good reason.

But if we’re being honest, not nearly enough metal fans are hip to Riddick’s old school death metal project, Fetid Zombie. Being familiar with Riddick’s visual art, you can probably imagine what kind of sick shit this dude comes up with musically. Not that you have to imagine it: MetalSucks is only too happy to be debuting a lyric video for the Fetid Zombie track “If the Dead Could Speak” today! As a bonus, the clip for the 10+ death metal epic features a ton of Riddick’s gnarly illustrations, making it the rare lyric video worth actually watching (not just playing to hear the song while doing shit in another browser window).

Check out “If the Dead Could Speak” below. It comes from Fetid Zombie’s recent release, Epicedia, which is out now on Transcending Obscurity Records. Get it here!!!

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