TODAY ONLY: Bandcamp to Donate All Proceeds to the ACLU


As reported earlier this week, Bandcamp has pledged to donate 100% of proceeds they earn today, Friday, February 3 to the ACLU. (This oughta go without saying, but in case it’s not clear, that’s 100% of Bandcamp’s earnings from each sale… they obviously cannot and will not be giving away the artists’ share.) That means that today and today only, not only can you can buy tons of digital music, legally, at the highest possible quality (including 320 kbps mp3s and FLAC files), but you can do while supporting a great cause.

Below, find links to some of the prominent metal labels that have their entire catalogue, or damn near close to their entire catalogue, for sale on Bandcamp. You can find a much more thorough listing of metal available on Bandcamp here. Now get shoppin’!

Metal Blade



Southern Lord

Profound Lore


Brutal Panda

Translation Loss

Transcending Obscurity

Closed Casket Activities

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