Listen to this New Obituary Song or You’ll Be “Turned to Stone”

  • Axl Rosenberg

From “Slowly We Rot” to “Body Bags” to last year’s “Loathe,” Obituary have always had a talent for the slow n’ brooding side of death metal. That talent is on full display in their new single, “Turned to Stone.” It’s hard for me to imagine moshing to this track (although I’m sure fans will manage), but it’s easy for me to imagine cranking it while in a Godzilla suit crushing a model of Tokyo. Oh, didn’t you guys know? That’s my side job. I’m always looking for new jams to get into character.

Check out “Turned to Stone” below, courtesy of Loudwire. The song will appear on Obituary’s new, self-titled album, which comes out March 14 on Relapse. Get it here. The band will also be part of this year’s Decibel Magazine Tour alongside Kreator, Midnight, and Horrendous. Get dates here.

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