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Listen: Power Trip’s “Nightmare Logic” is the Stuff of Crossover Dreams


The first thing I read when I woke up today was this story all about President Trump told members of the U.S. military that the media is trying to play down the threat of terrorist attacks and consequent need for his band on Islamic immigrants and refugees from countries that haven’t killed any actual American citizens in 30+ years. Why, I wondered, would the media do such a thing? What’s in it for them?

“They have their reasons,” says Donnie T.

Then I banged my head against a wall for twenty minutes.

Then some relief to my depression arrived in the form of “Nightmare Logic,” the new single from Power Trip. I would have checked it out no matter what — it’s Power Trip, after all — but the title, especially, spoke to my general feeling about how Team Trump are deciding upon their policies. A bunch of gnarly, Hannemalistic guitars kicked in, and I could feel my boiling blood start to twitch. When vocalist Riley Gale belted “A NEW BATTLE TAKES FORM!”, I totally lost my shit and moshed around my apartment with my dog (who also seemed to really enjoy the song). I think I may have broken a dresser in the process.

So that made me feel better.

Relieve some tension with Power Trip’s “Nightmare Logic,” below. Power Trip’s new album of the same name comes out February 22 on Southern Lord. The band kicks off a tour with Iron Reagan that same week; get dates here.

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