What the...??

You Will Never Believe Who Metallica are Performing with at The Grammys


Well, this is unexpected: Lady Gaga will apparently be performing some sort of duet with Metallica at The Grammys this coming Sunday, February 12.


This is not surprising in that Ms. Gaga is a known metal fan (and besides, Metallica are so famous at this point that they’ve really transcended the genre). It is surprising in that you still would not expect to see her on stage performing with Metallica.

So… what do we think this odd team-up will be performing? The obvious choice, insofar as songs that lend themselves to a duet go, would be a ballad like “Nothing Else Matters.” The less obvious choice would be for Metallica to help perform a Lady Gaga song, like “Heavy Metal Lover” if they want to be obvious, or “Sexxx Dreams” if they wanna be sexxxy.

The least obvious choice would be for Lady Gaga to sing Lou Reed’s part on a Lulu track.

I guess we’ll find out on Sunday. ‘Til then…

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